KYPS provides design, development and hosting services for all types of websites.

High or Low Volume
Our customers' websites range from those with just a few visitors a day to the Shakespeare's Globe website which has an average of 4,000 visitors each day. 

Text or Multimedia
We can help you whether your requirements are for a mainly text based website or you want to offer Flash movies with audio and video.

Online Catalogue or full e-Commerce
We can provide you with a web shop ranging from a simple online catalogue to a full e-commerce solution where credit card payments are automatically taken and processed on your behalf.

CMS Website
We can provide Content Management System (CMS) websites where you, or your staff, are able to update the website content without having to learn any website development tool. A CMS website allows for quick update of content while not needing to involve e-link each time a change is made.

Web Enabled Databases
If you have an existing database that you want to make available using the internet then we can develop web pages that will read data directly from the database.